Show Support For Your City and City Manager Michael Ciaravino

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Photo from Mid Hudson Times

Photo from Mid Hudson Times


What originated as an internal investigation of one or more city employees for allegedly collecting disability when they are capable of working, initiated by Newburgh City Manager Michael Ciaravino, has lead to a grand jury investigation. City Council members are up in arms, attempting to fire the city manager.

Show your support for Michael Ciaravino by calling the City Council members at (845) 569-7301 and let them know they will not have your support, whether it be this election year, or any other they decide to seek run, if the City Manager is released from his duties.

  • Mayor Judy Kennedy

Up for re-election for Mayor, let her know she will not get your vote if the City Manager is fired

  • Deputy Mayor Regina Angelo
  • Council Member Karen Mejia

Tell Karen your thoughts via her facebook page,

  • Council Member Genie Abrams
  • Council Member Cindy Holmes
  • Council Member Cedric Brown
  • Council Member Curlie Dillard
  • Council Member Gay Lee

Although Gay Lee is finishing her term as a council member and currently out of the running for Mayor, let her know you will write her off and not write her in and she will not have your support if the City Manager is fired, should her place on the mayoral ballot be reinstated.

Let Gay know how you feel on her facebook page,




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