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Show Support For Your City and City Manager Michael Ciaravino

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  What originated as an internal investigation of one or more city employees for allegedly collecting disability when they are capable of working, initiated by Newburgh City Manager Michael Ciaravino, has lead to a grand jury investigation. City Council members are up in arms, attempting to fire the city manager. Show your support for Michael Ciaravino […]

RUPCO to transform vacant buildings into affordable housing

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On November 25, 2014, a The Times Herald Record article covered a for a “non-profit plans to transform vacant buildings into affordable housing“, written by Leonard Sparks. For future reference, the article can be found in our Archives. Additional detail on the article can be found at the bottom of this page. Below is an outline of questions to […]

Mid-Broadway Project Public Hearing

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Ask how this can help Broadway or Newburgh in any way- it can’t, make sure to let the Planning Board know this is not what Newburgh needs CITY OF NEWBURGH PLANNING BOARD Lisa Daily, Chairperson Margaret Hall, Secretary 123 Grand Street, Newburgh, New York, 12550 (845)569-7401 (845)569-0096 PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that a joint Public Hearing […]

Architectural Review Commission (ARC) regarding the Mid-Broadway Lot

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Architectural Review Commission (ARC) meeting is meeting tonight, to discuss aspects of the proposed mid-Broadway building, starting at 7:30 PM, at the Activity Center at 401 Washington St. Let them know this is NOT what Broadway needs (reasons why having been previously mentioned) in the heart of the city. If attending the meeting, please share […]

Why Can’t the City Council Adhere To The Code of the City of Newburgh

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The immediate issue regarding the  proposal of building large mixed use developments along Broadway (between Concord Street and Grand Street, spanning a total of 10 city blocks) is the fact that the City Council wants to amend “Chapter 300: ZONING; Article VII: Special Use Permits” so they have the power to hear and decide on applications to permit […]

Zoning Board variances for mixed use developments along Broadway

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Call the City Council Board Members at (845) 569-7301 and tell them you DO NOT WANT THIS for Newburgh! At the April 22nd City Council Meeting, an amendment to Article 7, Special Use Permits was proposed to allow the city officials to circumvent the Zoning Board and grant variances for the development of large mixed […]

An appeal to the City of Newburgh residents- past and present

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Positive changes are happening within the City of Newburgh, but at times it seems that change for the better doesn’t happen fast enough. Often you see a problem, whether it be a property falling apart or turning into a make-shift junk yard, a management company that doesn’t perform its duties in a manner that benefits the […]