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Call Senator Chuck Schumer to demand FERC issue a Stay For All Work On The Spectra Pipeline

Spectra Energy’s plan to build the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion represents an attack on our community. Spectra has proposed a 42 inch, high pressure shale gas pipeline that would run within 100 feet of Indian Point nuclear facilities. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has continually ignored the calls of citizens and elected officials for independent health and safety assessments of the massive Algonquin Pipeline Expansion – giving Spectra Energy notice to proceed with construction, while blocking attempts by citizens to reverse their decision.

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This is what is up to in Peekskill, NY. These pipelines are slated to carry fracked gas across the Hudson, and 105 feet away from critical safety infrastructure at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, traversing several states and headed for export.
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We will lose if we don’t move to more direct action. We need YOUR help! We need new people, like you, stepping up.

Call Senator Chuck Schumer to demand FERC issue a Stay For All Work On The Spectra Pipeline .

DC Office: (202) 224-6542
Please share widely and step up to ‪#‎StopSpectra‬!

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If your community group, church, club, association, organization, institution, group, circle… wants to take action, ResistAIM will come to you to facilitate a history, overview, and direct action training on how to lead an action, and how our existent support network can help you.

Please contact us and sign the Pledge of Resistance so we can keep in touch with you.



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