An appeal to the City of Newburgh residents- past and present

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Positive changes are happening within the City of Newburgh, but at times it seems that change for the better doesn’t happen fast enough.

Often you see a problem, whether it be a property falling apart or turning into a make-shift junk yard, a management company that doesn’t perform its duties in a manner that benefits the community as a whole, or those that drive the well-being of the city (such as the city’s governing bodies and decision makers) heading in the wrong direction.

If any of this within the City of Newburgh sounds familiar, and want to see things change for the better, email with specific information, including the issue or property address, the specific reasons this is a detriment to the area, and possibly provide photos of the problem (if applicable).

All submissions remain anonymous, as there is a certain power in anonymity, and if enough people want to see this change for the better, there is also strength in numbers. Collectively, we can change Newburgh for the better!

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